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Allays do not pick up shot arrows


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      The bug

      Allays are meant to be able to pick up items. However, despite the player being able to pick up arrows they've shot, allays make absolutely no attempt to track down such arrows, nor can they pick them up in the first place. This is unexpected since allays should be able to pick them up.

      This likely also affects tipped and spectral arrows.

      How to reproduce

      1. Give an arrow to an allay
      2. Shoot arrows near the allay as to be within its detection range (make sure the arrows can be picked up, i.e. you must be in Survival mode and the bow should not have the Infinity enchantment)
      3. Wait on the allay collecting those arrows

      Expected results

      As shot arrows are a thing that can be picked up, the allay would pathfind to said arrows and pick them up just like a player would.

      Actual results

      Allays make absolutely no attempt to pick up shot arrows.

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