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Allays and villagers create ghost items when they take items from a stack and cannot fit the whole stack in their inventory


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      If an Allay attempts to picks up a stack that causes its item count to exceed 64, it will leave a ghost item on the ground that has no visual hitbox with the remaining amount of items it could not pick up due to only taking part of the stack enough to fill its 64 item limit. This can easily cause players to lose items due to not realizing they are still in the world.

      To reproduce:

      1. Summon or spawn an Allay
      2. Give it a stone item
      3. Drop a stack of 63 stone items and let it pick it up
      4. Drop a stack of 64 stone items and let it pick it up
      5. The second stack will visually disappear and the Allay visually picks up the entire stack of more than 1 item, but in reality, there is a ghost item entity left over
      6. Verify with
        /data get entity @e[type=item,sort=nearest,limit=1]
      7. The Allay will give you 64 items back, and if you walk over the invisible item, you will get 63 items

      Expected behavior:

      • The ghost item should remain visible
      • The Allay should have only visually picked up 1 item instead of the entire stack

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