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Spawners with minecraft:player or nonexistent entity IDs set as their spawned entity cause log spam


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    • 1.18.2, 22w12a
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      Closely relates to MC-189565 and possibly MC-199429

      The bug

      If a spawner is created which is set to spawn players,

      Skipping Entity with id minecraft:player

      will be continuously spammed to the game log while the spawner is in simulation distance.

      How to reproduce

      1. /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:spawner{SpawnData:{entity:{id:"minecraft:player"}}}
      2. Look at the game log

      Expected results

      The game log would not be continuously spammed with the same message.

      Actual results

      It is.

      How to fix

      Since player entities are a special case which shouldn't be treated like other entities in cases like this, it may be worth rejecting such a spawner entirely, converting it to a default spawner instead.

      Compare the following spawn egg:

      /give @s bat_spawn_egg{EntityTag:{id:"minecraft:playerror"}}

      As the entity ID is invalid, it spawns a bat instead. Having invalid spawners converted to default spawners would make this more consistent and also avert this issue.

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