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Mangrove Stripped Log, Stripped Wood and Wood are in the incorrect order in the creative inventory


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      The Bug

      Stripped Log, Stripped Wood & Wood for the Mangrove all come after the Nether Stripped Hyphae, Hyphae & Stripped Stem instead of coming after the Dark Oak Variations like how the other Mangrove blocks appear


      • Go to the Building Blocks Tab in the creative inventory
      • Look at the Stripped Log, Stripped Wood or Wood block order
      • Notice where the Mangrove variations are placed
      • Look at the other wood blocks like planks or pressure plates
      • Notice where the mangrove is ordered

      Observed Result

      The Mangrove variations came after the Nether variations in the Stripped Wood, Stripped Log and Wood sections

      Expected Result

      They would come after the Dark Oak variations

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