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Setting worldspawn doesn't respect Y value / players always spawn at top-most block


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    • Windows 10, Minecraft Java 1.18 Release-Candidate 3
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      I'm making a custom map in which the player, once dead, respawns in an area made for it. (The first picture shows the outside).

      So I used the command ''/setworldspawn 64 104 177 0.0'' to make the player spawn in the spot I wanted to (second picture).

      But after killing myself and testing it, the game respawns me in a platform above, which shouldn't be the case because I marked the Y value to be 103 and the block there it's a valid spawning point. (Third picture).

      I have also tried reducing the Spawn Radius to 0 and to 1, but it behaved the same.

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