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extremely slow movement on top of a boat right after exiting boat near land. instead of land, standing on top of boat instead (requires entry into boat)


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    • 1.18 Release Candidate 1
    • java 17,
      Ubuntu 21.10
      MC 1.18 rc1
      monitor refresh rate: 75 HZ
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      how to recreate:

      1. open a survival world in 1.18rc1, get stuff for a boat, craft boat, and place on large body of water
      2. get into the boat, and use it for a few seconds
      3. get out of the boat, making sure to not be near land
      4. break it
      5. place boat again, move the boat towards land for like 5 seconds
      6. near land (around one block away) get off the boat and look down
      7. try walking on top of the boat
        • - you move slower than when you sneak when walking on top of the boat



      before you ask, I am NOT pressing sneak

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