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Issue with Sprint+WASD+CLICK


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    • Minecraft Java (unsure of what version). First discovered this glitch over the summer of 2021 but it could be in all versions. I am using a macOS, iMac(21.5-inch,2017), Version 11.6.
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      For the past couple of months, I have found myself in an issue. The device I use currently is an Imac and I play Minecraft Java Edition. When you are playing and you want to press the button to sprint, (which is Left Control), and walk forward, it disables your function to delete blocks or kill mobs, (which is the entirety of Left Click). This is an extreme issue as it is harder to do PvP or build quickly and efficiently. The only way I have discovered to fix this is by changing the "Sprint" button from "Left Control" to "Left Alt"/"Left Option", but this is still an issue as I have to completely change the way I play the game naturally and the same way I have been playing it for years. I hope this is fixed. Thank you for reading.

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