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World creation is incredibly slow for seed -6594452106484986840


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    • Fedora 34 (Linux), Java 16.0.1
      CPU: Ryzen 3600
      RAM: 16GB (4GB allocated to Minecraft)
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      World creation with the seed -6594452106484986840 takes much longer than the average seed. Where the average seed takes my computer about 15 seconds to get from clicking "Create New World" to being in game, this seed takes about 1m 30s - 6x slower.

      In addition, it takes another 30 seconds once in game until new chunks begin to generate. The chat is also completely unresponsive during this period. After this initial period of slowdown, everything seems to work as normal.

      This only affects world creation. Exiting and reloading the world behaves as you would expect.

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