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Blocks not restoring correctly when logging back in


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      Apex both Vanilla and Paper servers tried
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      Built this kelp farm



      Is this simply not stopping the redstone ticks before saving the blocks when logging out or traveling outside active region?


      logging out and logging back in often results in an underwater flying machine glitching and I find all the honey/glass/trapdoors/observers all lined up and wind up having to rebuild half of it to get it running again.

      Update 2: I've found that the honey block in the flying machine is pulling away the observer that is used as part of the starting mechanism.

      Update 3: I tried swapping out the honey bocks for slime in hopes the slime wouldn't pull the start trigger observer away from the start mechanism. Nope. Still finding it get pulled away. Also found glitching a traveling flying machine can happen when killing a drowned next to it.

      It's looking like you can get this to function during a single session but its a roll of the dice whether you can leave and return to find it unbroken.

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