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Repeating Command block - Teleport command glitches [Freecam]



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      From Light Within Map:

      While testing the game on Realms Server.

      Issue: Player can move freely while being teleported.


      Using the following command with a repeating command block: (To teleport specific player in the team under entity:armorstand)

      • This command will locate if the "vent"(armor stand) [Y position - scoreboard] is higher than the closet player's Y level (scoreboard) then it will execute as that survivor to teleport the (hunter team) player to the closet vent - nearest to the player (survivor team)
        execute as @e[tag=stageID,scores={stageID=0..3}] at @s run execute as @a[team=hunter,scores={sneakStatus=0,ventMode=2}] at @s run execute as @a[team=survivor,sort=nearest,limit=1] at @s run execute as @e[tag=vent,sort=nearest,limit=1] at @s if score @s ventY > @a[team=survivor,sort=nearest,limit=1] playerY at @s run tp @a[team=hunter,scores={ventMode=2},distance=0.1..] ~ ~-2.5 ~


      With a repeating command block:

      • The player will be teleport once visually -2.5 blocks under the entity (armor stand in this case), the player in spectator mode can move freely, when exiting this trigger, sometimes the player got teleported back under the armor stand.
      • When the player moves to the other vent, the target is teleported under the nearest vent as expected but can move freely after as previously stated.


      With a [Impulse] Command Block:

      • When no repeating command block with the following command being activated.
      • Triggering this manually (or by breaking Redstone that powered it and power the command block again after) Does not cause the issue. The player will be teleported to the location under the armor stand (-2.5 block exact) without an issue.


      Note and Additional Data:

      I have attached the video about this issue.

      Also, I feel like this is the issue where the client is not updating the tp location, this probably helps explains why when there is no repeating command block is being used to constantly execute (or teleport) the player (proof at the end of the video) It works perfectly since the player is not being teleported constantly.

       + When the execution detects a new closet "vent" entity, it also works as usual. (As shown in the video - the spectator teleport to a new vent closest to the survivor)

       + Only problem as mention is that it didn't hold me in place as it supposes to do.

       + I can see sometimes my screen shake like it's teleporting but I can move around.

       + I also use more than 300 commands blocks in the map.


      Video: https://youtu.be/uXwkxIlRvD8





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