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Bees are angered but immediately goes back into their hive in 0.1 seconds


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      Okay, so whenever I harvest for honeycombs in a Bee Hive, the bees get angered, but immediately go back into their hive.


      What I expect:

         Bees come to chase me and try to sting me for like 20 seconds after I take their honey/honeycombs.


      What I experience:

         Bees pop out to say hi and go immediately back into their hive.


      I have no idea if this works when trying to harvest Bottles of Honey.

      Or if this happens to the naturally generated nests.

      Please note that only bees that are in the hive will trigger the bug. Bees that are not in the hive will get angered as intended.


      Bees will pop out for 0.1 seconds to say "hi".

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Wait for the hive/nest to fill 100% with honey.
      2. Make sure all 3 bees are in the hive.
      3. Harvest honeycombs/honey jars while all 3 bees are in the hive

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