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Zombie variants can only alert other zombies of the same type


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    • 1.16.5, 1.17 Release Candidate 1, 24w04a
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      The Bug

      Husks, zombie villagers, and drowned can only be alerted by a zombie of the same type when a player attacks a zombie type.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Build an enclosed area (large enough to fix 4 mobs in it)
      2. Spawn a husk, zombie villager, drowned, and normal zombie in the enclosure
      3. Summon a husk/drowned/zombie villager outside of the enclosure
      4. Attack it (In survival) -> The zombie of the same type in the enclosure will target the player
      5. Repeat steps 2 -> 4, spawning a different zombie type each time

      Expected Result:

      All zombie types would alert other zombies regardless of their type.

      Observed Result:

      One zombie of the same type will be alerted inside the enclosure, unless it is a default zombie, which will alert all zombies.


      Zombie Types.mp4

      Original Description:

      Zombies, like all pack mobs, call for aid during times of war. When a normal zombie is attacked, all other zombies, as well as any husks and drowned in the area, come to battle alongside their friends. Husks and Drowned, however, only call upon members of their own species to help them fight. Another issue here is that zombies don't retaliate against each other even if you use the actions with commands. Yet if a drowned yeets its trident at a zombie, the zombie will declare war and summon other zombies to battle this drowned. Other drowned don't help the zombie fight the drowned, and when attacked, the drowned will fight back, but other drowned don't help. It's confusing, and I think we need a data tag for zombies and their variants to stop this confusion.

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