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Resource Pack Locks on Zip Update



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Invalid
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.6.2
    • Fix Version/s: None
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    • Environment:
      Windows 7 x64 Pro
      Java : J2SE 1.7.0_25
      Game Status : UNMODDED

      16GB PC3-12800 [4 DIMM]
      GTX 560 TI
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      [[ UPDATE : 1.6.2 ]]
      "Hot-Patching" a Resource Pack makes it unusable in until the Client Closes.

      Same instructions as below, but without the crash.
      If you "Hot-Patch" a Resource Pack, the Game Crashes when you try to render the new Data.

      • Open Minecraft and Select a Resource Pack (Example "ZIP")
      • Start a Single Player Game / Join Multiplayer****
      • Edit a "Out-of-Folder" copy of Resource Pack.
      • Copy new zipped file to Resource Pack directory (Confirm Override0
      • Minecraft : Open Resource Pack Menu
      • Select Default
      • Wait for Workload to complete
      • Select Zip Resource Pa-CCCCCRASH (Sad Faces all around)

      • This used to work before 1.6
      • My process / workflow for edits is this :

      • Fire up Minecraft and look at Textures (usually in Flat World)
      • Edit the files one by one as needed
      • Re-Zip file in my Development Directory
      • Copy Zip File to Minecraft Directory
      • Switch to Default, wait a few Seconds, Switch Back
      • View new Content
      • Adjust as needed (Repeat Steps until pack is updated)
        • Completely logging out and quitting the Game works, but the process is FAR to long, especially for super fast edits to tweak the smaller things (like Pixel adjustments)
        • 2x Crash Notes Attached (Yes, my Resource Pack is called Zip until done and ready to be shipped).

      [Resource File Notes]
      • 16x16
      • Textures Only (No Sound, Lang, etc)
      • FileList Mirrors 1.6.1 FileList (Textures only)
      • PNG Files are 32-bit/unCompressed

      • If you need anymore data, let me know.


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