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Confirmed a problem with the display of dolphins



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    • 1.16.5
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    • This world is [1.16.1 / Easy / Survival without cheats / No resource pack / No mod] and Installations [1.16.1 / Duplicate of latest release / JVM: 8G] PC [windows10 64G]. others, I have included distribution maps such as escape games.
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      (At the beginning:I couldn't speak English, so I used translation software. I'm sure there are some strange points, but please understand.)
      I said 1.16.5, but it's actually 1.16.1. Since there was no 1.16.1 in the affected version column, I decided to use 1.16.5 as the copy source for the time being.

      1.16.1 When I was doing the Ender Dragon Subjugation RTA in Easy Mode, I happened to discover the sea and was looking for a sunken ship in the warm ocean with coral reefs. And when I was rowing a boat, I heard a dolphin's voice, so I searched for a dolphin. Then, I found a pink creature that I had never seen, and when I approached it, I heard a dolphin barking. Surprisingly, I created a new world and experimented again, but this time the dolphins turned brown. I thought it was a bug, and when I restarted it with the same version, it was fixed.
      Also, I intended to attach an image, but the email is unfamiliar and you may not be able to see it, I would appreciate it if you could understand it.
      Thank you for reading.


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