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    • Minecraft 1.6.1
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      I was going to mess with the new horses that came out and I just spawned a bunch of them using eggs.

      What I expected to happen was a bunch of different types of horses would spawn that I could tame and ride around.

      What actually happened was it spawned one adult horse and every other horse a baby horse. The babies followed the adult everywhere, but everywhere also meant within the walls and little ledges. I guess their ability to walk up a whole block is messing with their movement. It seemed to me that when the baby horses tried to jump a block, they were pushed back a little bit, like the block was an entity.

      How to reproduce:
      1. Find a hole with at least one wall.
      2. Spawn an adult horse
      3. Spawn a load of baby horses
      4. Watch as they clip into the walls and take damage.

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