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Weird Nether Biome Glitch


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      Minecraft 1.16.5 Nether
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      The Bug

      I have found this bug while playing in a single-player world trying to find a warped forest. When I eventually found one I was surprised how there were almost 0 enderman spawning even tho I set the difficulty to Hard. Then, later on, I noticed that the biomes were glitched and that the 2 biomes (basalt and warped forest) were sliced and they weren't smoothly connected (Provided photos) Also when I angered one of the enderman I attacked it but then he teleported into a wall (unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot because it was too late) and suffocated.


      My Guess


      My guess is that there has been corruption between the biomes. I think that there should be a basalt biome but somehow it got glitched into a Warped forest biome and that's why it might be that the enderman rarely spawned. But for the enderman that suffocated, I guess that the enderman thought that it was still a basalt biome and warped onto a place that should have had a basalt column there but instead of the column he warped into a wall OR he walked into the lava or ¯(ツ)/¯.


      I don't know what caused this glitch or how it happened I was just exploring the nether and suddenly I discovered some weird things.


      Have a nice Day Minecraft Team!



      Nothing to see here..

      This is deleted (not the report just some info)

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