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No visible fishing line or bobber



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      Steps to reproduce the bug

      1. craft a fishing rod
      2. use fishing rod in body of water

      What I expect to happen

      1. I expect to see a line and a bobber fly out of the rod and land in the water
      2. I then expect to stand there waiting for a while to try and catch a fish while being able to see the bobber

      What happened

      1. I was unable to see the line or bobber
      2. I waited for a short period of time 
      3. I got an enchanted bow 

      Extra information

      1. I saw on youtube someone enter their phone number as the world seed, so I tried my phone number (6628128759) I don't know if this caused the problem, but I feel it is relevant
      2. Everything else is the same, you see the animation of the bubbles approaching where the bobber is and you get the sound of the bobber submerging, you just can't see it
      3. I don't know if I just got lucky, but I felt it was worth mentioning that I got an enchanted bow in what I at least assume is a fresh water area and on my first catch, I just want to make sure there is no accidentally increased catch chances or something

      Gameplay impact

      1. It does make fishing feel more difficult because you no longer get to see the bobber, but in actuallity it doesn't really change anything difficulty, it just makes it a bit less fun because I like to be able to watch the bobber
      2. if there is a bug that increases the chance to get enchanted things then that would probably negatively impact the game



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