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Animals aren't spawning at the surface of dripstone cave and lush cave biomes


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    • 21w10a, 21w16a, 1.17.1
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    • Mob spawning

      The animals are not spawning at the surfaces of Dripstone caves and Lush caves. but other mobs except animals are spawning normally.

      And also, Minecraft wiki says, Dripstone caves is indistinguishable to normal plains biome, but among the structures that are naturally created, NPC villages and Pillager Outpost aren't created naturally.

      I saw the the similar issue with this has been fixed from 21w03a update, however, It seems to have been fixed just for hostile mobs. so, I think this issue is not really duplicate with MC-207335.

      There are some screenshots about lush caves and dripstone caves, and a few more screenshots were taken from the Plains biome to compare to the plains and dripstone caves.

      I checked the doMobSpawning gamerule hasn't off, and also checked the biome id is 'minecraft:dripstone_caves' and 'minecraft:lush_caves'.

        1. Dripstone caves1.png
          Dripstone caves1.png
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        2. Dripstone caves2.png
          Dripstone caves2.png
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        3. Dripstone caves3.png
          Dripstone caves3.png
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        4. Dripstone caves4.png
          Dripstone caves4.png
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        5. Dripstone caves5.png
          Dripstone caves5.png
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        6. Dripstone caves6.png
          Dripstone caves6.png
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        7. Lush caves1.png
          Lush caves1.png
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        8. Lush caves2.png
          Lush caves2.png
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        9. Lush caves3.png
          Lush caves3.png
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        10. Lush caves4.png
          Lush caves4.png
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        11. Lush caves5.png
          Lush caves5.png
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        12. Plains1.png
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        13. Plains2.png
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        14. Plains3.png
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        15. Plains4.png
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        16. Plains5.png
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        17. Plains6.png
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