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/tp chunk loading errors



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    • Windows 10, Java 1.8.0_241, Ryzen 3700x, Radeon RX570, 3.5-3.7G of ram used launched through the MultiMC5 browser, vsyncfabulous fancy-clouds
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      Noticed in a snapshot test world when using a command to teleport to a specific biome outside of my render distance. I have tested this multiple times using coordinates not given to me by the /locatebiome command with the same results, so all of my testing from here on in is using coordinates given to me by this command. Upon teleportation, block textures do not render, and the ability to break the invisible blocks I am standing on is disabled. I can confirm that these are not barrier blocks, but glitched blocks. Entities, such as mobs, and minecart chests have no problems rendering, but their ability to move from block to block is disabled, and my ability to move without flight is greatly hindered. My position along the y axis is also in a state of flux, going between 2 adjacent levels at a constant rate that could be described in frames per second, and I have experienced only certain mobs in a similar state of flux, not specific to mob type, but possibly by location. Day and weather cycles seem to have no problem either, though only the sound of thunder can be heard due to the lack of blocks for the rain to collide with. Upon relog, the problem is solved and the world returns to normal. Reloading chunks has no effect. This may be due to a loading timeout issue, as I have recreated this problem on 16 chunks of render distance only and the problem decreases in severity as the render distance goes down, disappearing at 8 chunks, and loading only adjacent chunks at 14 chunks.

      Side note, while standing on a "block" and giving myself various items, one block goes into my inventory, and the other onto the glitched block, possibly exploiting some kind of dupe glitch (granted one that takes creative mode/cheats to access). The items disappear upon relog as well.


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