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Certain mobs that can melee can't use the Fire Aspect enchantment


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    • 24w18a
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      The Bug

      Some mobs that are able to melee and are given an item (by setting their NBT tag 'CanPickUpLoot' to true) that is enchanted with Fire Aspect do not set their target on fire when they attack with said item. While these mobs do not have the ability to pick up items in survival, others mobs which normally can't pick up items nor render the item being held (such as Spiders, Silverfish, Endermen, etc.) the Fire Aspect enchantment works as expected.

      Affected Mobs

      • Bee
      • Cat
      • Dolphin (Always drop item it 'holds' anyway)
      • Goat
      • Hoglin
      • Iron Golem
      • Magma Cube
      • Ocelot
      • Polar Bear
      • Rabbit (The Killer Bunny)
      • Slime
      • Wolf
      • Zoglin

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Summon any of the affected entites listed above, who are holding a sword enchanted with fire aspect, for example, a zoglin.
        /summon minecraft:zoglin ~ ~ ~ {HandItems:[{Count:1b,id:"minecraft:wooden_sword",tag:{Enchantments:[{id:fire_aspect,lvl:1}]}}]}
      • Double-check to see whether or not the zoglin is holding a sword enchanted with fire aspect.
        /data get entity @e[type=minecraft:zoglin,limit=1,sort=nearest] HandItems
      • Summon a pig nearby so that the zoglin will attack it.
      • As the zoglin attacks the pig, take note as to whether or not the pig is ignited.

      Observed Behavior

      Several entities that have melee attacks can't use the fire aspect enchantment.

      Expected Behavior

      Several entities that have melee attacks would be able to use the fire aspect enchantment.

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