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Teleporting and having a sound play at the new location in the same tick shows no subtitle


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      See title.
      If you create a function that both teleports the player away, and plays a sound at the new location, the sound is played, but no subtitle shows.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a data pack with a function containing
        teleport @s ~ ~50 ~
        execute at @s run playsound minecraft:entity.arrow.hit_player master @s ~ ~ ~ 1
      2. Enable subtitles in the settings and make sure master slider is turned on
      3. Run the playsound command by itself /playsound minecraft:entity.arrow.hit_player master @s ~ ~ ~ 1
      4. Observe how the subtitle shows up
      5. Run the function /function <name you gave the file>
      6. Notice how you hear the sound, but no subtitle shows up

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