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Cannot load up worlds and join servers in 1.16, whenever I do it crashes.



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    • 1.16.5
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    • I use a MacBook air 2018 with Mac OS Big Sur, Java 8
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      Hello people,

      Recently I started playing 1.16 and created a survival world after no living 1.8.9, It was all going good until one day when I joined my world and it took a hell of a lot time, after being stuck for a good 10 minutes on the "joining world" screen it showed the "saving world" screen my beach ball cursor showed up and I knew something was wrong. I force quitted it and the launcher came up and showed some error, even though I checked the logs and found no crash files. I thought to check if it was the same case on 1.8.9 and what do you guess? It worked completely fine. There were no issues in 1.8.9, after doodling around on the internet, I decided to reinstall minecraft, after re installation 1.16 worked fine and I thought I got rid of this issue. 2 months later it happened again, I re installed it and it worked again fine but the next day it happened again, I don't know why this is happening and this is really annoying can someone please end my suffering?
      Extra info which I think may help you:
      I use Lunar client on my pc.
      and it has happened on all versions above 1.8.9




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