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Villagers start jumping when they encounter a "wall" made of raised trap doors



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.4, 20w51a, 21w03a, 21w07a
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      If you create a "wall" of raised trap doors with two doors (in the example I'm using Warped Trapdoors and Warped Doors, but I've also observed this with Spruce), when a Villager encounters them instead of trying to open the door it will begin to jump frantically in place. Occasionally it will be able to find the door but this seems luck rather than anything else.

      Cycling between night/day doesn't reset to help them or help (even if they are sleeping during night). Neither does placing the villager in a boat and transporting them through the door update their navigation.

      I've included two mp4s to demonstrate this. Once of them depicts a villager in an 'unobstructed' example where it is simply the wall in between two rooms: their bed and their work block. The other contains a middle room with Warped Nylium, a raised section and fungus all over the floor in the central bit. Neither seem to have any effect of whether the villager is able to successfully navigate. If you recreate the structures it should reproduce the issue. The videos were recorded in single player but I've also seen this in the multiplayer world (the layout of the test structures is derived from my server).

      Sometimes villagers are spawned that appear to navigate successfully, again it's unclear why that is when their peers (mostly) seem unable to do so. Biome doesn't seem to affect this, I've seen the same behavior in a 'plains' biome.


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