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Downwards facing hoppers moving items faster and causing hopper priorities to appear broken


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    • 1.16.4
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    • tested to affect all stable branch versions since 1.5.2 up into 1.16.4 and the snapshot version 20w45a
      using vanilla client

      Windows 10 64-bit
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      if a stack of an item is put into a hopper facing downwards into another hopper via the hopper GUI or dropping the stack of items onto the hopper; then both hoppers will move an item down at the same time. this will cause a build up in the next hopper facing sideways unless the sideways hopper is facing into another container and has another hopper below it. should the sideways hopper be facing into a container and have a hopper below then the items will be distributed evenly between the container and the hopper below.



      • only happens if given a stack of an item type (given 2 different items at the same time will not cause this)
      • will not occur if the items come out of a container (e.g chest or dropper on top or dropper putting items in hopper)
      • will not occur if items are given 1 at a time
      • does not happen with non stack able items

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