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Load Skybox for extended time



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      Upon joining a server that was previously working I joined the server one day and then the sky box was taking an extended period of time showing and once the world was created about ten seconds afterwards I died and then timed out from the server. To troubleshoot the issue I joined a newly created world from the same person with the possibly bugged server and nothing happened that was similar to the other world. Once we found out that the world may be bugged he tested if it was a post death only bug which it ended up to not be the case. Host sees me die immediately upon spawning and once host tries to TP to me he spawns to my location and then I time out of server.

      Upon joining the server it takes around a minute to load the entire world and once the world loads my inventory is temporarily empty. I then move around in a circle to give information for the host to tell what differences are occurring and then my inventory loads in and about 5 seconds later I get the timed out error message kicking me from the server. This issue has been only occurring on that world since the server host tried to host another world to see if the problem occurs in the new world in which it does not.

      Then the server host gave the information on what is happening on his side which is the following:

      When he spawns in on my server his body is there the second it says he has joined the server. If he was in the air the last time he timed out, he will not be affected by gravity and thus stay in the air, on his screen presumably in the void, until a few seconds where he is loaded in I can honestly see him moving around, and then in an instant I see him freeze completely, although hearing him makes it seem like he has a slight bit of freedom even after I've seen him freeze, followed by a time-out no longer than 10 seconds later.

      The issue is no longer killing me upon joining but I am still unable to join the world but would appreciate feedback on how to resolve the issue quickly as I do not want to start a new world.


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