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Healing potion weirdly causes you to keep (sort of) dying with 1 max health attribute


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    • 1.16.3
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    • Microsoft Windows version 1909 (OS Build 18363.1082)
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      So I was experimenting with commands that would make your stats (health, armor, hunger) appear in the actionbar with scoreboard variables. As I was testing health attributes, I ran a command to set my maximum health attribute to 1. This ran successfully, but then I took a healing potion from my creative inventory and then splashed myself with it. I got shown the death screen. However, when I clicked Respawn, all that happened was the death screen disappearing. Nothing seemed to have changed at all, my attributes didn't reset, I still had 1 HP. Then I pressed F5 to go into first person and I saw my character flashing red and constantly starting and restarting the dying animation, although I wasn't actually dying. I switched between gamemodes and nothing was different about the gameplay, it was all completely visual. It only stopped when I legitimately died, like using /kill. See attached video for a demonstration on how to reproduce the bug. I recorded a video but the size was too large, so heres a link: https://youtu.be/zoJXL4FfpgQ

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