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1.16 Fabric has stopped creating chunks


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      So I was making a nether portal to a mushroom boom I've found when the chunks didn't render, I pressed F3+A to reload the chunks but that isn't the issue as I can fall through the chunks into the void and die. So I went into spectator mode and flew around the chunks surrounding my base and farms. I then found chunk boarders cutting off the world. The game has made empty chunks with no data. This has happened to all area that have not been previously loaded. I've created the world on 1.16.1 Fabric and stayed on the exact same version throughout. MCEdit doesn't work since it's a 1.16 world.

      I've also updated to 1.16.3 and the same thing happened even after optimizing the world and creating backups. The same thing happens. There's no software to fix it and I cannot just delete the region file since it isn't just 1 area. For example, if I go to another part of my world (desert biome) through my nether portal, I haven't created chunks between the two places in the overworld do what I get is a circle or square that is the chunks I'm standing on and void around it.

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