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Using a potion made by a command block results in the death screen popping up and a annoying visual bug.



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      It's a visual bug, but it's really annoying. Whenever I splash myself with an extremely good potion (made with commands), it says I have died for no reason. When I press respawn, I don't go to my world-spawn and don't lose any items, but I am constantly dying.
      What I expected to happen was...:
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      I should have gotten the potion effects without dying (they were all positive effects), and the death screen shouldn't have appeared.
      What actually happened was...:
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      I instantly died, and the the death screen popped up. After that, there was a visual bug.
      Steps to Reproduce:
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      2. ...Create a god potion (like max level of all positive effects)
      3. ...Splash yourself with the potion(there seems to be a cooldown on this bug, immediately after splashing yourself. I was near a beacon, but I am not sure that would've made a difference).




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