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Off hand Riptide III trident animation issue



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    • 1.16.3
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      Laptop: HP pavilion 360
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      If you go underwater in an ocean (the bottom) and enchant a trident with riptide 3 and put in off hand, and put any item besides a trident in the main hand, and use the riptide 3 trident you put in the offhand will notice the item in the main hand makes the same animation as the riptide trident in off hand. For example holding a pickaxe in main hand makes the pickaxe have the same animation as using a riptide trident. The pickaxe should have not had the same animation.

      How to reproduce: 1. Enchant a trident with riptide 3 and go to the bottom of an ocean and put trident in off hand.

      2. Hold something like a pickaxe or sword in main hand.

      3. use the riptide trident and the pickaxe will show the same animation as if the pickaxe had riptide on it and you were using the pickaxe.


      I am almost sure this is not an intended feature.

      It is very difficult for me to provide a screenshot because When I try to take a screenshot there is a 3-4 second delay from when I try to take it and when it gets taken. The animation bug happens for about 3 seconds.






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