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Picking up water and the code not registering it being picked up



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.3
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      There is a bug since 1.15.2 to the latest version as of 9/21/2020 where I pick up my water that I had placed down, and I try to place it somewhere different, the code doesn't register that I had picked up my water. I have experienced this bug in a server in 1.15.2 and in a private world 1.16.3. 2 instances: 1.15.2: I had placed my water above the drop I was about to fall down to practice my mlg watering, then I picked it up and jumped off. I then died and went to get my stuff, and the water was not picked up like I thought it was, which lead to my death. I had picked it up, because I had a water bucket before I died. I placed it just before hitting the ground and the water disappeared, and like I said before, the code didn't register me picking it up even though I had a water bucket when falling. 1.16.3: this is VERY similar to 1.15.2, but i towered up to practice my mlg water. I had picked up the water from my last drop, and I had the water bucket item in my hotbar. Before I hit the ground, my water was in the last spot were I had last jumped. This issue didn't just occur in water jumping, but in water climbing (climbing up a wall with water). Please fix this issue, it is SO annoying that the code doesn't register it properly. Thank You!


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