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Bug allows dogs to somehow start raids now



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    • Minecraft Java edition version 1.16.2
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      So I was just vibing in my Minecraft world, until I saw a group of pillagers approaching my base. No big deal, I've taken these guys out many times in the past. All you have to do is have the other pillagers take out the leader, and you were good. However, this time I had a dog, and he attacked the leader, while I took out the others. As soon as my dog killed the leader, a raid commenced, (as I have villagers in my base) and now I have to fight the raiders. I know I didn't deal the final hit on the leader, as I got the voluntary exile advancement later in the raid. The raid bar also had weird mechanics as well, because as soon as when my dog killed the leader, the raid bar filled up, but went back down and said "Raiders remaining: one," and guess what, there was a final pillager, but he wasn't part of any wave, he was part of the group that spawned outside my base before the raid, yet they acted like he was. I know this wasn't supposed to happen, because when you look up "Can dogs start raids in Minecraft," it says they can't.


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