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Villagers don’t spawn at their bed when they leave the end



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      The bug

      When you sleep in a bed, you will set your spawn point there and will also spawn there upon leaving the end using the portal. However this doesn’t apply to villagers. When they sleep in a bed, then go to the end and leave it, they will still spawn at the world spawn point and not at their bed. This is an inconsistency, since players spawn at their bed.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Create a new world
      2. Go some blocks away from the world spawn point
      3. Place a bed
      4. Run /time set night
      5. Spawn a villager, so that he sleeps
      6. Run /time set day
      7. Get the villager into an end portal (You can use the tp command)
      8. Kill the ender dragon
      9. Get the villager into the end portal to the overworld
        The villager will spawn at the world spawn point like all other non-player entities.

      Expected result: The villager will spawn at the bed that he slept.




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