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clearing an item from an advancement reward function doesn't remove it


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      I have a custom advancement that detects if the player has a knowledge book with a specific

      recipe (using the inventory_changed criteria)

      "criteria": {
      "book": {
      "trigger": "minecraft:inventory_changed",
      "conditions": {
      "items": [

      { "item": "minecraft:knowledge_book", "nbt": "



      this advancement triggers a function 


      { "function": "aaa:got_bow_recipe" }


      and inside the function are the following 2 commands:

      recipe give @s minecraft:bow
      clear @s minecraft:knowledge_book{Recipes:["minecraft:bow"]}

      despite running a clear command, the item doesn't leave the players inventory, but also doesn't exist, until the player updates their inventory

      Running the command /data get entity @s SelectedItem says that there's no selected item

      Running a general /data get entity @s also says that the item isn't in the inventory

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