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Chunks have been misplaced and moved at random to different locations.


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      What I expected to happen was...:

      When i opened up my world, having played a few mini-games, i expected to go back to my wold with no problems and for everything to be in the right place.

      What actually happened was...:
      I opened up my Realm and travelled through my neather highway to my farming district. I hop through the portal and i realise i didn't notice the first bit of evidence for it, where one of the chunks had been replicated and moved, cutting one of my farms in half. Once i eventually noticed this i realised one farm had been moved completely, a chunk had been placed into the ocean and i don't know how many more there are.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      I have no idea how to replicate this apart from the fact that i hadn't been on that world in about 5 days as a result of playing mini-games.

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