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Cured Nitwit Villagers don't spread Gossips in the same way other Villagers do



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      After a long testing I have concluded Cured Nitwit Villagers have a very weird and inconsistent way of spread their Gossip values, specially the major_positive and minor_positive which in this case applies directly to Cured Villagers.


      First example:

      Here as you can see this Nitwit in fact has a major_positive value of 20

      Now that the time is set to 10000 they're supposed to meet around the Bell and share Gossip. You can see the Farmer so far has no Gossip value.

      There's no price discounts as well.


      Second example:

      In this second test I Cured this time 2 Nitwits and summoned another Farmer, I have done this with the intention to be more sure the Farmer has a higher chance of meet with a Nitwit and spend more time with them to check if there's a change in his Gossip values.


      But still no change in the Gossip data.


      Third example:

      Here I did the opposite, to make sure it wasn't the minor_positive & major_positive the only affected values by this I summoned a Nitwit and increased my minor_negative values by hitting this Villager multiple times.


      In this case there was a surprise, at first during the morning the Villagers met and so they were supposed to share their respective Gossip, just like in previous examples they still didn't share the values.

      Here is when I noticed an incosistency, I first set the time to 10000 to let the Villagers meet around the Bell, during that I broke the Farmer's Workstation and around that time this Villager loose it's profession and in the process it actually got the Gossips values.


      When it got the profession back I could finally appreciate the prices were affected, this due to the minor_negative Gossip the Nitwit finally shared.


      Fourth example and how it's supposed to work:

      To check if this behavior was affecting other Villagers, I summoned a Librarian and cured a Zombie Villager that later became an Unemployed Villager.

      In this case there was no need to break the Librarian work station to finally get the Gossips from the Cured Unemployed, it just got the values instantly at the first meet.



      So taking the last 2 examples I decided to try what would happen if I break the workstation of a Farmer that is close to a Nitwit with major_positive value at 20


      Inconsistently with the minor_negative example this time both Nitwits weren't able to spread their major_positive and minor_positive values, not even after I broke the workstation for the Farmer.


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