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Shields incorrectly displaying a banner design with both the Paly and Bordure patterns


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      When adding a banner with both the Bordure and Paly pattern, the banner displays three colored columns versus the same banner when put on a shield displays 4 colored columns and offset from the center. This appears in the inventory, held in the hotbar or offhand, and in item frames both with and without enchantments.

      To recreate displayed banners in the attached screenshot (left to right)

      Banner 1:
      1. White Banner
      2. Black Paly
      3. Black Bordure

      Banner 2:
      1. Yellow Banner
      2. Red Gradient (from top)
      3. Black Paly
      4. Black Bordure
      5. Black Base Indented
      6. Black Chief Indented

      Banner 3:
      1. Lime Banner
      2. Gray Bordure Indented
      3. Gray Bordure
      4. Gray Lozenge
      5. Gray Paly

      Banner 4:
      1. Light Blue Banner
      2. Green Gradient (from bottom)
      3. Purple Lozenge
      4. White Bordure
      5. White Saltire
      6. White Paly
      7. Light Gray Roundel

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