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When reducedDebugInfo is true, hitting F3+B and F3+G would still tell the player in chat that they are being toggled, despite nothing happening



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      It would say hitboxes or chunk borders are shown, but they aren't because the gamerule is set to true.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Type /gamerule reducedDebugInfo true
      2. Press F3+B or F3+G
      Result: Nothing would happen, but the game still tells you they are being toggled.
      What I expected to happen: The game would say the following message: "[Debug]: Unable to toggle hitboxes; functionality disabled." or "[Debug]: Unable to toggle chunk borders; functionality disabled.".

      Pressing F3+C also would not say anything in chat, and not copying the player's location to clipboard. I think it should also say "[Debug]: Unable to copy location to clipboard; functionality disabled." to clarify to the player as to why nothing is happening.
      In chat settings, there is a button that reduced debug screen info when this gamerule is set to false. When set to true, toggling that button does nothing. I expected the button to become grayed out and locked on "On".




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