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Values Such As "[north=true]" Do Not Function When Using Setblock Or Fill Command


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      When using the /setblock or /fill command, the block orientation data (e.g [north=false,east=true]) do not function properly. This affects blocks such as Glass Panes, Fences, Walls, Etc. For example, trying to fill an area with glass panes that are only pointing east and north, it will simply connect to adjacent blocks, and if there are no adjacent blocks, it will not connect to anything.


      Steps To Reproduce

      1. Go into a world with commands enabled and put into chat /fill ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ minecraft:glass_pane[north=true,west=true] (It doesn't have to be a glass pane, it can be fences or walls as well. It can be any direction too, but it's better to have at least 2 values set to true to see the bug better.) Additionally, make sure there are no blocks placed adjacent to the block.
      2. You will notice that the direction data is ignored and is placed like it normally would if there were no surrounding blocks.


      You can also do this adjacent to a block as well, but the results are the same, except the block will connect to the adjacent block.

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