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Minecraft keeps crashing kind of regularly (once or twice an hour average) [Process crashed with exit code -1073740791]


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    • 1.16.1
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    • Java 64 bit Windows 10 computer (anything else needed??)
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      This started happening in 1.15 a couple of months ago, but it only used to crash every now and then so I didn´t make much of it but recently it got A LOT worse since it crashes at least once an hour which makes the game basically unplayable...


      Since this has happened more than 100 times I had the time to kind of test the way the mgame crashed and I realised that it was only when I did a certain action like place a block or destroy one or move items between inventories, I even got to the point of if it crashed with me atempting to do something (EX: moving a stack of items to another inventory) and I tried EXACTLY the same thing the same way again after relaunching the game it would crash exactly the same way.


      I started to turn on the exit log that told me if any warnings or errors had ocurred and there are generally NO errors whatsoever connected to these crashes, sometimes I just get warnings saying "recieved passenger for unknown entity" but since this doesn't happens every time I don't think it is related, but the crashes always have the same exit code "Process crashed with exit code -1073740791"

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