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Vindicators, pillagers and vexes raise both of their arms when attacking a player if they don't have any weapons


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      Due to the fix of MC-158735, MC-176836 and MC-181925, I would have expected vindicators, pillagers and vexes to not raise their arms at all when attacking a player without weapons. However, they now raise both of their arms, similar to zombies, which looks a bit silly.

      To reproduce

      1. Summon a vindicator without a weapon
        /summon minecraft:vindicator ~ ~ ~ {HandItems:[{},{}]}
      2. Summon a pillager without a weapon
        /summon minecraft:pillager ~ ~ ~ {HandItems:[{},{}],Patrolling:1b}
      3. Switch into Survival mode
        The pillager and the vindicator both raise both of their arms

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