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When using Inventory-related item (crafting table, inventory, furnace, dispenser), can't place items with right-click*


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      I already am tracking the control-click to right-click on a mac issue, but this issue is slightly different. It will hopefully become irrelevant once the main "can't right-click with control-click" issue is fixed, and this issue is closely related, but slightly different.

      I assigned "control" as my button for "right-clicking", so no I just press "control" to right-click. It's similar to what I'm used to (holding control AND clicking to right-click), so it's ok for now (I still hope it gets fixed). However, when using a inventory item (furnaces, chests, crafting tables, and the player's inventory), The right-click function doesn't work with the button I assigned to it (control). Normally, I should be able to right-click and place just one of the items I am moving around, and this works fine with a regular mouse (a right and a left-click). However, when I press control, or any other button (to "right-click"), it doesn't work.

      Steps to recreate this:
      1. Assign a key for "right-click"
      2. Open a crafting table/inventory/furnace/chest/etc.
      3. Hold 2 or more of an item
      4. Press the assigned key for "right-click". 1 of the items should be placed, but nothing happens.

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