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Extreme lag since 0.9.5 launcher update


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    • Snapshot 13w26a, Minecraft 1.6
    • Windows 7 32-bit, Java build 1.7.0_25b-16 (updated after noticing problems)
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      Last week the launcher updated to 0.9.5 and since that moment i can't play the game at all.
      When i load a world it requires a lot of time and it stucks on 'building terrain' page, and then it goes back to the menu most of the times.
      When the world starts, chunck don't load, my fps drop to 3-4 per sec so obviusly it's very difficult to move.
      And yesterday i noticed that when i log in the player is always in the same position, if i move or do something and then log out, when i return in the game it's in the first position.
      And also if i break a block it 'respawn', like a server lag.

      I tried to force crash the game but it only closes, without crash reports.
      Other thing i noticed is that the launcher is stuck after OpenAl initialazing and says Realsm: Invalid Session id.
      And last thing, after trying to play, the launcher is stuck, i can't close it with the X but only terminating the process, which totally overloads my RAM using over 1GB.

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            _Motozappa_ Simone Flaibani
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