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Tool Durability Usage when breaking armour stands.



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      When using any tool to break down a boat or minecart no durability is used, and it is immediately broken (with the exception of a hoe, but still no durability is used). However, when using a sword to chop down a armor stand it, not only uses 1 durability it also, even though you wait for the attack cooldown, it doesn't break the stand immediately like it does the boat or minecart. When using any other tool, of any class, including hoes, It uses 2 durability and also doesn't break it like those same tools will with a minecart or boat. 

      Note* Hoes don't break minecarts or boats in one shot, but they also don't have durability used like it is when hitting a armor stand.

      This can be replicated by going into a normal creative world. Getting an armor stand, tool, boat, and minecart with rail. Then pressing F3 + H and going into survival. And then of course breaking each of the items.

      I also feel that no screen shots are necessary because in this case more would be found out from actually testing it rather than looking at screen shots that could be taken wrongly.


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