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Frozen Client [Not Responding] Error with large moving Redstone contraptions.


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    • 1.16.1
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    • Windows 10, 32Gb DDR3, Minecraft 1.16.1 Java 1.8.0_251
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      Builds that have worked since 1.12.2 (And not 0 tick farms.) Suddenly decide to lock up the game clients.

      In 1.12.2 you would see the moving Redstone flying machines stuttering but the Game would still be responsive:




      These now put the game in a free cursor [Not Responding] state during the flying machines transition, the game starts responding after about 1 minute for the doors, but the silo build seems to just crash the game out, too long a non response I guess.

      This happens in both single player and with a local server (which is happily ticking away as the game client locks up, not only has it done it to myself but to a friend connected externally too.

      This seriously sucks for Redstoners.

      I would be happy to upload the world to a realm for dev testing and give co-ordinates of the problem builds, but I don't yet have a realm account.

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