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    • 1.15.2
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    • Windows 10
      Java version 1.6.89-j
      Gamemode Creative
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      Yesterday, on 16/6/2020, when I enter my new world I was scared to death. I don 't know why, but the erea of the world near my buildings is messed up. I don 't know exactly how to describe it so I have add a picture in my report. As you can see it is not the buildings that have changed places, but entire groups of blocks from the last before the end, to the surface. So, there have been crated cliffs and... it doesnt make any sense. I also feel important to report, that I had done nothing before such us updates that could explain that. There are also a lot of other minor bugs. For example the lighthouses, that existed before the disastes- as I call it-, doesn 't make any light, the fires, that also existed before the disaster doesn 't make any smoke. The water doesn 't run and so on... Please help me! I do not know what to do and I have been working this for a long. You are my last hope!!

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