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1 single end gateway spawning


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    • 1.16 Pre-release 5
    • Windows 10 Home
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      When the dragon is killed, only 1 single end gateway spawns, instead of several gateways like in previous versions. 

      Tested in 3 different worlds created in 1.16 Pre 5. I used creative to replicate the issue. To replicate:

      1. Create new world in 1.16 Pre 5 (Creative is faster to test)
      2. Go to the end through the end portal in the overworld. 
      3. Destroy all end crystals and kill the dragon
      4. Only 1 single end gateway portal spawns


      Screenshots from all 3 tests are attached

        1. End Test 1.jpg
          End Test 1.jpg
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        2. End Test 2.jpg
          End Test 2.jpg
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        3. End Test 3.jpg
          End Test 3.jpg
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