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Stepping on soul sand glitches player into lava



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      Stepping on soul sand glitches player into lava

      I expected to be save from falling into a lava ocean by standing on the soul sand nearby in the nether.

      Instead I whitnessed my character slowly moving towards the nearest block of lava, without me pushing any buttons on my keyboard.
      There were no issues with my character movement when standing on any other type of block,
      as this issue only generates when stepping on soul sand blocks.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Enter nether dimension
      2. Find and step on soul sand blocks that are directly connected to a lava ocean
      (I don't really know if I had to push any random button for this to happen, as I was just
      moving around on the spot)
      3. Watch your character step into lava and burn to death

      Also: I am not sure if this is just a game feature I have missed being added to vanilla
      Minecraft, but since I couldn't find it on any list and since there have already been many
      bugs involving unintended character movement, I think it might be a dangerous bug.


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