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      i was walking around in my re-loaded 1.16 pre-3 map and i hit something invisible. it just blocks (pun intended) my way and removing/adding blocks only moves it 1 block. can't jump on it either. it's invisible and is indestructible. I wish i could film it but I have no way to do so.

      correction: it does block my way but in a handful of directions only. sometimes crossing it from the left will not affect me but crossing it to the right will. and it does:

      1:stop me in my tracks and

      2: move me until im off the block it's onto.

      I was lucky enough to get the "block" in a Savannah village, on a grass path instead of hitting it after jumping over a ravine... but note that the invisible block will move to other blocks like sand and grass.

      it acts very oddly...I've been messing around with it for what feels like 15 minutes...

      if you do walk into it but in between blocks it just tries to stop you but only makes you slower and pushes you off of it's block ,as i mentioned, as you are walking half onto it half away from it and lets you go when you no longer are kind of on it.

      OR it will just nudge you off of your straight line. like.....what block does that? im trying all the blocks i see and none acts the way that thing does.

      im sorry i have no idea how to reproduce it. also quitting the game does not make it disappear.


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