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Having a suspicious stew in inventory prevents all types of suspicious stew from going into your inventory when milking brown mooshroom


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      The bug

      When you have a suspicious stew in your inventory, you won’t get a suspicious stew into your inventory in creative mode. That is because MC-188352 was fixed. However this suspicious stew prevents all types from going into your inventory when milking. So if you for example have a suspicious stew with the wither effect in your inventory, you can’t get suspicious stews with other effects.

      h3How to reproduce

      1. Don’t have a suspicious stew in your inventory
      2. Summon a brown mooshroom using this command: /summon minecraft:mooshroom ~ ~ ~ {Type:"brown"}
      3. Feed it a wither rose
      4. Milk it with a bowl
        You will get a suspicious stew
      5. Feed it a different flower, for example a dandelion
      6. Milk it again with the bowl
        You won’t get the suspicious stew, even though the stew that you have is a different type and gives a different effect.

      Expected behavior: You can get the suspicious stew, because it would give a different effect.

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