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Audio does not switch to/from USB audio adapter when said adapter is plugged in/unplugged.



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      When using a USB audio device, minecraft audio will not switch to/from said device when it is plugged in/removed after minecraft has been launched.


      For example, I have a USB audio adapter/dongle which has two 3.5 mm jacks, one for a headset/speakers and one for a microphone (It is from before it was common to see these combined into a single plug. I dont have reason to believe it is specific to this style of adapter, but rather applies to all USB audio adapters) If I have this device plugged in to my computer and selected as my sound output device when I launch minecraft, and then after I launch it, I unplug the USB audio adapter, all audio from minecraft will not play, even when audio from the operating system and/or other programs will play on a different audio device like internal speakers, an external monitor connected through HDMI, or speakers/headphones connected to the internal 3.5 mm audio jack. Additionally, if I launch minecraft while the USB adapter is not plugged in, then, after launching minecraft, I plug in the USB audio adapter and switch the sound output device to use the USB adapter, all audio from minecraft will continue to play on whatever audio device was previously selected as the sound output device while audio from the operating system and other programs will play on the speakers/headphones connected to the USB audio device. To be clear, this issue is ONLY affecting audio from minecraft, and audio from other programs (firefox, discord, video player, etc) or from the operating system does switch correctly.


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